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The Many Benefits To Consider With Custom Vinyl Windows For Your Home

Custom Vinyl Windows

Just several decades ago in order to make your windows more energy efficient, you most likely would have installed storm windows that went on the outside of your regular windows. They weren’t necessarily bad, but they gave your home a certain look, and when you needed to open a window you still had your old leaky wooden window, plus the storm window too. Then there was the huge chore of cleaning all of the insides and outsides of all those windows, better to hire someone for the whole weekend to get that done. Now, however, with vinyl custom window replacements all of those problems are in the past.

You’ll Never Have To Paint Your Vinyl Windows

Painting a house is a huge project, and painting your old wood windows was the hardest of all. If you painted them completely, they would be stuck closed so you had to be careful, and they always required extra sanding, scraping and undercoating since the paint would always peel there first.

Removing your storm windows might require a professional with a tall ladder too. But with vinyl windows,, you never have to paint again for the rest of your life. No scraping the peeled paint because they’re not painted, the vinyl is the same color all the way through. They never peel, and they don’t rot from the moisture or swell during humid weather either.

Cleaning Your Custom Vinyl Windows Is A Breeze

When it comes time to clean your new windows inside and out you’ll actually be surprised at how easy it is. Each part of the window is easily removed in just a few seconds from the inside of your home. No more climbing a ladder to clean your windows at all. The vinyl and glass are quickly and easily cleaned on both sides and then re-inserted in mere seconds, then on to the next one.  You’ll be laughing to yourself, it’s that simple.

If you ever consider selling your home having these simple to maintain windows can be a great selling point, especially if the buyers have been spoiled by having them in the past. Old wood windows covered by storm sashes are antiques from the past that most people try to avoid if at all possible.

The Double Panes Are Energy Efficient

Not only do old window leak a lot around the edges, but they also bleed plenty of energy straight through their single pane of glass. Even if you had storm windows installed on the outside, you still had your leaky old windows on the inside, but there is yet another advantage to the factory made double pane glass of new vinyl windows.

The air between the two pieces of glass is completely removed creating a vacuum. This eliminates air convection and makes them much more energy efficient. You’ll notice that on the coldest nights your windows will no longer sweat with condensed moisture and that’s because the vacuum between the panes stops the energy transfer.

You can tell just by touching the glass inside your home that it’s nearly room temperature, and outside it can be as cold as your freezer at the same time. This removes the drafty feeling you get on cold nights when you stand near your windows as well.

Since They’re Custom Made They’re An Exact Fit

One interesting thing about really old homes is that many of the windows are odd sizes. They weren’t bought at the store, they were made by some craftsman that cut them on site. That can make buying new windows at the home improvement store almost impossible if you own an old house.

However, custom vinyl windows are made to order in the exact size you need without any extra cutting or carpentry work on your home. This can save a huge amount of time and expense during the replacement project since the custom ordered windows will fit smoothly and cleanly into place and the job can be done in just a day or two, depending on how many windows you have and how much ladder work is involved.

These are just a few of the great benefits you’ll gain with new custom windows made of vinyl. They’re more secure, they raise the value of your home, they look fantastic, they’re low maintenance, easy on the energy bill and they’re easy to clean, all while they make your home more comfortable in all types of weather. If you haven’t thought about replacing your old windows with custom vinyl windows maybe it’s time to consider it now.



Why Do You Need Double Pane Windows?

Do you know that you can save almost 12% on your energy bills by replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows? A window consists of a glass pane and a frame. There are several materials available on the market for a window frame but Vinyl is considered the best due to its high thermal efficiency. In terms of panes, you have the option of choosing between a single window pane and a double window pane.

Double pane windows or dual pane windows have two panes of glass that are glazed to the sash and then put in the frame. The insulated glazing of the window pane helps in enhancing the overall insulation.

While many brands offer windows with just air between the two panes, there are some brands that also offer gas filled panes. Inert gas such as argon and krypton is typically used as these are odorless, clear and slow-moving gases. These gases help in minimizing the convection currents within the space that greatly reduces the heat transfer between inside and outside.

There are a lot of other advantages of investing in dual pane windows. Here is a list of some of the major advantages:

Increased Energy Efficiency

As mentioned in the beginning, you can save significant amount of money by making your windows more energy efficient. By replacing your single pane windows with dual pane windows, you can save around 20 to 30% on your energy bills.

The extra pane helps in increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home. Gas filled windows offer even better energy efficiency as well as insulating properties. In fact, these windows pay for themselves over time with reduced energy bills.

Reduce Noise

An extra pane of glass in the windows significantly reduces the level of outside noise in your home. If you live at a place where there is heavy noise pollution, you can significantly reduce it with the help of dual pane windows.

So, if you live at a place where there is a lot of street traffic on airplane traffic, you can make your home more comfortable and free of outside noise by replacing single pane windows with double pane windows.

No Need for Storm Windows

Many homeowners have to invest in storm windows when they have only single pane windows. However, when you replace your single pane windows with dual pane windows, you do not need storm windows. Since all the protection you need from inclement weather is provided by the dual pane windows, there is no need for storm windows.

Easier to Clean

Needless to say, cleaning windows on a regular basis is a big hassle but cleaning dual pane windows is extremely easy, especially compared to single pane windows.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Since dual pane windows reduce the amount of sunlight that can come in, these also protect the furniture inside. When you install dual pane windows, the carpet, curtains and furniture inside the home fades less as compared to single pane windows.

Tips for Choosing the Right Window

There are a number of brands of dual pane windows and it’s not easy for homeowners to choose from so many brands. Here is a list of some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing the right dual pane windows for your home. Keep in mind that the choice depends on the place you live and the climate.

Energy Star Certification

One of the most important things you need to look at is the Energy Star certification given by the EPA and Department of Energy. They have developed a strict set of guidelines for various energy-efficient products.

SHGC Rating and U-Factor

SHGC refers to the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Lower value means better energy efficiency. It refers to the transfer of solar heat.

U-Factor refers to rate of heat loss. Lower U-value means better efficiency.


One of the most important factors that affect the energy efficiency of window is its installation. If it isn’t installed in the proper manner, it can significantly reduce the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, it is important that you hire the services of professional and experienced contractor for installation of windows.

It is true that you will have to spend some money to replace your existing windows with double pane windows but these windows not only help in reducing the overall energy costs but also enhance the value of your home. These pay for themselves in a few years with increased energy savings.



5 Steps to Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home design – they allow light into our homes, which improves the happiness and well being of the occupants as well as warming the home, and they can also be opened to provide ventilation. However, one of the major issues with many types of windows is that they are a major source of heat loss from homes during winter and can also reduce the cooling effectiveness of your air conditioning system in the summer. This comes from a few sources: one is air leakage around the edges of windows and window frames, and another is heat loss directly through the window glass.

If your windows are very old or were installed poorly, you might be able to create large savings in your energy budget by installing energy efficient windows. In order to improve the energy efficiency of your windows, there are several steps you can take. First, you can look at improving the energy efficiency of your old windows, and then you can consider installing new windows to improve energy efficiency. Here are the 5 steps you can take to improve your energy efficiency, in the order in which you should try them.

1. Improving the Energy Efficiency of Old Windows: Storm Windows and Window Treatments

The simplest ways to reduce heat loss and increase the energy efficiency of an old window is to install a storm window or a window treatment or covering. Storm windows are made of either plastic or glass, and come in a variety of prices. Plastic sheet storm windows that last only one year are available for very cheap, but they provide only small gains in terms of energy efficiency and must be replaced yearly.

Higher value storm windows can be made of glass with low emissivity coatings. These can provide significant energy savings, and will last for many years before they need to be replaced. Another route to having energy efficient windows is adding a window treatment. The typical window treatment is the addition of a high reflectivity film to the window, which reflects the sun’s light and prevents heat from entering your home in the summer. However, these films will also prevent the sun’s light from reaching your home in the winter, so they are best used in climates where cooling rather than heating is desired for the majority of the year. They will also reduce the light levels inside your home and impair the ability to see things through your windows.

2. Improving the Energy Efficiency of Old Windows: Internal and External Window Coverings

It may sound surprising, but it is possible to save a significant amount of energy by installing external and internal window coverings such as awnings, draperies, and blinds. These can prevent the sun’s light from heating your home in the summer, and in the winter, awnings can be retracted to let in warm light, and draperies and blinds can be opened or closed to let in light or keep in heat by insulating the window depending on the time of day and the sun’s position.

3. Installing New Energy Efficient Windows: Design

The decision of which types of energy efficient windows to install depends on a number of factors. One of the most important of these factors is the design and physical situation of your home. Depending on the orientation of your home and your home’s windows, different levels of light will enter your home at different times of the year. This can affect which types of energy efficient windows you should choose, as energy efficiency ratings boards like Energy Star have established different criteria for window energy efficiency depending on the geographical location and physical orientation of your home.

4. Installing New Windows: Choice of Window Type

Just like traditional windows, energy efficient modern windows come in a variety of designs and functionalities. The basic type of window is a fixed window that does not open, but most people will desire a window that opens. These include awning windows that open at the bottom, hopper windows that open at the top, casement windows that open sideways, and sliding windows. Sliding windows will generally allow in the most air when open, but can reduce energy efficiency.